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The Role of Government in IT Security - Infographic

Network security has always been a top concern for CIOs and their team. Interestingly, prior to the last two years, we noticed that CIOs stopped mentioning security in their ‘top challenges’ list because it was just assumed. However, with more and more applications and data being generated and stored in cloud infrastructure, security has once again become the concern that truly keeps the CIO awake at night. With high profile data breaches becoming more commonplace, and the fear of becoming the next Sony or Target, the CIO and now even the CEO have security and cyber security as their number one, two and three top initiatives.

And yet throughout all of the market fallout from these breaches, there was very little action taken by the US government. Should the federal government be doing something to help businesses prevent cyber security breaches? Does the government have a responsibility to dictate the terms and conditions that each company should adhere to in order to protect consumers and businesses?

Illuminas posted an Ideation Session in the Insight Exchange community to understand how senior IT executives felt about this very question – should the government be doing more to ensure IT Security for consumers and businesses?

Click on the the image below to see what they think.

How Necessary is government oversight for IT Security?

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